Marketing, Events & Parties

MARKETING: Never before has multi-media marketing been so important for artists and non-artist businesses alike.

Eye-popping images, integrated social media, quick-paced, fast-cutting video uploads, and explosive viral campaigns are no longer the wave of the future – they are the present.

Eggman Global embraces the here and now by offering you a full-service marketing division with expertise in all of these areas, as well as traditional print, television, and radio campaigns.

For DIY artists and side projects of signed artists where budget is a key factor, EG handles all of the marketing, focusing especially on integrated and interactive social media campaigns via:,,, ReverbNation, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and the extensive array of online radio formats and services that are quickly replacing traditional broadcast radio (which is severely limited by signal strength).

Because we have personal relationships with many of the foregoing, we fulfill the marketing role of a traditional record label where CD production and online distribution are already in place. If you need it, we also put it in place and integrate it for you.

Working with non-artist businesses, we take from the playbook of artists, incorporating all the same elements: social media, photos, graphics, videos, music, montages, fan/customer interactivity, contesting, etc.

Whether doing a photoshoot for the cover of an international artist or fashion magazine, building an explosive social media contest for a Vegas entertainment property, or conceptualizing and producing an edgy television commercial, Eggman Global always brings to the table a veteran team of pros who strive to be on time, on budget, and on message.

Example: Eggman Global creates, produces and engages 100% in-house all traditional and online marketing strategies for acclaimed international artist Michael Grimm, best known for winning NBC’s hit TV show “America’s Got Talent” in 2010 and taking home the $1 million first-place prize.



Example: Eggman Global created, designed, produced, and directed the 2012 nternational ad campaign (photo and video) for Toletta, which debutted on online magazine Glamfreak. The campaign featured Eggman Global client, High Fashion model, Contortionist, and Mathematician, LouLou von Brochwitz.

LouLou von Brochwitz on Cover of Glamfreak Spring 2012


EVENTS & PARTIES:  In the past six years, Eggman Global and its principals have booked, promoted and/or thrown 600+ shows, events and parties.

We’ve booked and promoted Grand Openings, Red Carpets, Black Carpets, night clubs, after-hours clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, all-ages clubs, restaurants, lounges, theaters, ballrooms, private rooms, conventions, event centers, art centers, music halls, concert halls and parks… to name a few.  lol

We work on the international scene, the national scene and the local scene.  And because of who we manage and who we’ve worked with, we can usually deliver the best quality entertainment for the best rate.

Example: Eggman Global booked Duncan Faure and Lez Warner to play the Grand Opening of Dave Navarro and Nico Santucci’s The Black Door, produced video coverage of the Black Carpet event, introduced the talent on stage, and promoted the highly-successful event across its multi-media platform.


Duncan Faure, Steve Eggleston, Lez Warner on Black Carpet of Grand Opening for Dave Navarro and Nico Santucci’s The Black Door Vegas

Carrot Top Going Wild on The Black Door Black Carpet

Eggman Global Client Frenchy Angelique of Rock of Love II

The Legendary Jake E. Lee (Ozzy)

Steve Eggleston with Brittany Starr

Steve Eggleston Introducing the Legend, Duncan Faure (Bay City Rollers/Rabbitt)

Duncan Faure Live on stage at The Black Door

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