Eggman Global – Taking Artists and Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

ARTISTS: Eggman Global provides personal, “360 management” to a handful of established and promising new artists, with a philosophy of building brand across all media platforms.

By “360,” we mean we provide our clients a host of traditional music and entertainment industry services, all under one roof: artist management and development; business affairs, corporate/LLC, accounting and tax; booking, promotion, and PR/publicity; brand building, social/new/internet media, and sponsorship/endorsement tie-ins; publishing, copyright, and trademark; Pay-Per-View, Internet TV, and Interactive/Blog strategies; as well as traditional record label functions such as single release/distribution strategies, radio promotion (traditional, Triple A, and internet), marketing, production and tour management, and merchandising.

In particular, after listening carefully to our clients’ artistic wishes, we forge a dynamic business plan designed to respect those wishes while ensuring regular income, strong profits, credit enhancement, asset & wealth accumulation.  Intelligent web strategies, innovative social media campaigns, and old-fashioned projects that smartly connect to other major artists and build fan bases, brand, and sales – are hallmarks to success in today’s ever-converging, multi-media world, and we combine them all with a personal touch and personal accessibility.

Through our ground-zero expertise in media convergence, business and law, we bring a rare core competence in all of these essential areas.  Eggman Global Management is thus unique in its determination and ability to marry creativity and business into a total, “360,” win-win scenario, for a single, fixed percentage or fee that’s often half that charged collectively by others in the field.

BUSINESSES/LIFE COACHES: We’ve found that businessmen and entrepreneurs often face the same challenges as artists.  Whether it’s launching a start-up, expanding a signature franchise, freeing an existing company from a rut, or breaking a brand, business men and women also need a dynamically-conceived business plan that focuses on regular income, strong profits and asset accumulation.  Eggman Global takes the approach of a holistic physician, helping you do your own business check up, engaging you to reaffirm and rethink your business, sales and market strategy, and giving you the tools – much like a life coach – to explode your company to the next level.

sanfrandan&kids 035(Steve Eggleston with Management Client Michael Grimm & Friends)

EggsDunxLez2(Steve Eggleston with Management Clients Duncan Faure & Lez Warner)