Business Affairs

“It’s a wonderful art we’re doing business in,” veteran filmmaker and pal Paul Aratow always reminds me,” say Steve Eggleston, Eggleston Global’s Founder and an attorney since 1982.  And never before has this simple maxim been so important. While art may be a passion, it is also a business – or the passion soon becomes a hobby or a money pit. In today’s harsh economic times, neither artists nor businesses can sit back and relax, operate on cruise control, or stand by and let business take care of itself. Building a realistic business plan, embracing new web technology and social media, and creating and managing an enduring brand – are all key elements to survival, success and profitability. As a business, employment and entertainment attorney of nearly 30 years, Eggman Global founder/CEO Steve Eggleston knows, not only the concepts, but the important details necessary to create and maintain a successful business venture. Hire him for executive advise and mentoring, complex contract and rights analysis, drafting of an original business plan, and much more.

Examples: Steve Eggleston’s book Labor & Employment in California: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices, Second Edition, published by the largest legal publisher in the world, Lexis-Nexis, remains in print, and updated annually, after 21 years. Steve Eggleston also is Head of Business Affairs for both Eulita Music Group and Sixx Gun Music.

Labor and Employment in California provides easy-to-understand overviews…

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"Labor and Employment in California," by Steve Eggleston and Bernadette O'Brien, published by Lexis-Nexis Publishing