Booking, Promotion, Production

Over the past 6 years, Eggman Global and its principals have booked, promoted, and/or produced over 600 shows.

We know the Las Vegas market, casinos, venues and clubs like the back of our hands. We also have a strong presence throughout California, and work closely with booking and promotion partners across the United States, Europe and worldwide.

In August-September, our client Michael Grimm, winner of NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent,” will travel to Shangai to perform at the AEG Mercedes Benz Entertainment Center with the winner of “China’s The Voice.”  Recently, he recorded outtakes congratulating the winner that were seen in China television by 500 million viewers (the largest watched TV show on the planet).

Our specialty is iconic special events like the Marines annual Birthday Ball at the Paris Hotel Ballroom, the “British Invasion” rock concert at Harry O’s during the Sundance Film Festival, and a 3-day, 30-band celebration of Veteran’s Day at the Clark County Amphitheater in Las Vegas. And in 2013, we took everything to the next level, affiliating with talent buyers and booking agents in other states to reach deeper into the national U.S. market.

Booking: Having worked with hundreds of bands, artists, and performers, Eggman Global’s principals can book the act that best fits your needs for the price that fits your budget.  We book everything from annual corporate events and private soirees, to clubs, concert halls, and festivals.

Promotion: Whether we book the talent or not, Eggman Global is often called upon to promote public events and shows.  Though we do everything from print ads (at the last moment) to TV commercials, our specialty is online promotion via  social media campaigns, including Facebook blasts and ads, Google Ads, Twitter, and viral Youtube videos.

Production: Many venues don’t have the right show and sound set-up.  Eggman Global provides, as required, stage set-up, PA, backline and Soundman.  We install permanent systems, or we can set up and break-down for the day or night.  We’re talking everything from building a temporary stage, to bringing in Quakes, Stacks, Monitors, and Lighting Trusses for show playing to 2000+.  No matter how big or how small, we do it for a bargain price, with 100% reliability.

Example: At the 2012 annual Marin’es B-Day at Mandalay Bay Casino, Eggman Global provided stage, PA, backline and sound engineer for 2000 Marines and their families.



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Loophole Ticket!