Eggman Global Teams with Sixx Gun Music

Relocating its headquarters from Boston to Las Vegas, Sixx Gun Music plans a global launch this spring of high-quality, brand-name guitars at wholesale prices.  This will compliment its ever-expanding stock of vintage and hand-made guitars, amps and gear.  One highly-anticipated new product is the American Glory Guitar, handmade in every detail by Sixx Gun founder Daniel Margasa.  The American Glory will be unveiled this spring and dedicated to the heroic 2/4 Marines at their annual Birthday Ball in Las Vegas.  Eggman Global’s Sales & Marketing Division will handle U.S. and international sales.


  1. Dan Twomey says:

    Dan from what I gathered is a gentleman who knows his stuff. As I (certainly being in the right)sliced and diced the “Go To” guys I town, Dan was careful not blast out at the competition’s shortcomings. I could tell he was aware of the nonsense that goes on especially in the ,shall we say),” Big Boy” operation (you know who). I, simply a player having been subject to the thievery by the Conglomerate have earned the right to rant and rave. Dan showed professionalism by a no smear policy against extremely lucrative but often unprofessional musical outlets. Bravo is all I can say for now apart from the fact that the guitar shown above is one of the most outrageous weapons I’ve ever laid eyes on. Maple fretboard on a Les Paul. Double bravo.

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