Eggman Global Signs to Management Grammy Award-Winning, Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Arranger, Mixer & Writer Steve Thompson


Steve Thompson is an uncompromising, game-changing creative force in music – as music  producer / arranger / mixer / songwriter / brand maven.

Steve started his career as a musician and club DJ. From there, he produced and mixed some of the biggest dance hits of the era, transitioning into electronic and alternative music. This lead to Steve working with the biggest pop artists of the time.

From there Steve produced Tesla’s three initial multi-platinum records and mixed Guns N Roses’ epic debut release, “Appetite of Destruction,”  which sold 30+ million records.  Then he proceeded to compile nonstop credits as producer, arranger, and mixer on 6 Grammy Winners, dozens of Grammy nominations, 150+ Gold & Platinum albums and singles, 2 Diamond Awards, and countless #1 hits.

Working seamlessly in multiple genres, Steve’s staggering successes range  from rock (Korn, Metallica, Soundgarden, Rolling Stones, John Lennon), R&B (Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin), and pop (Whitney Houston, Madonna), to hiphop (Wu-Tang, Public Enemy), EDM and reggae (Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, Snow).

Many of Steve’s songs have also found homes in blockbuster motion pictures (“Return of the Jedi,” “End of Days,” “Karate Kid,” “War of the Worlds,” “Ace Ventura,” “Days of Thunder,” “Bean,” “Dracula,” “Blues Brothers,” and “Staying Alive”).

Steve’s career has never let up. Recently he’s teamed with technology maven Aaron Kronis, CEO of Stamina Records, which is structured as a next generation label that combines music, branding, entertainment and fashion, all under one roof. Stamina lists Steve’s extensive discography on its official website,

Describing their relationship, Kronis exclaims: “We’re about integrity and creating timeless music that never follows trends… Our goal is to combine highly-skilled musicianship with emerging technology. Now with power producer Steve Thompson at the helm, the sky is the limit.”

Never satisfied and always breaking new ground creatively, Steve recently wrote what may be his biggest hit yet, “Game On,” which he predicts will become a brand unto itself and a modern-day power anthem for global gaming, sports, fashion, and iconic products/services, ushering in an new era of “EDM meets rock.”

Souls-2012_banner (1)

And of course, Steve knows of what he speaks, since he worked on “Welcome to the Jungle,” considered by many the #1 Sports anthem of all time.

EGA seeks to pair Thompson with major and breaking indie artists looking to produce uncompromising, game-changing music for the world, whether EDM, Trap, pop, rock, reggae, Americana, or Country.

“With Steve on board,” Eggman Global’s Eggleston says, “I’m hopeful EGA artists will benefit from Steve’s unparalleled music genius.  And of course we’ll be searching for major and indie artists worldwide who desire to make a timeless impact with their new music.”

EGA also looks to engage strategic partners for Thompson’s new song “Game On,” a brand-empowering anthem designed to capture & express the spirit of a new generation of global consumers. Focus will be on global gaming, sports,  fashion, and iconic products/services.

Finally Steve’s film project “Souls” blew our minds, and all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Steve is a fountain of creative projects and ideas, many of which we’ll seek to bring to fruition.


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