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As many of you know, I have moved to the magical land of Somerset / Avalon, England, legendary home of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (, where I will be married this fall to the lovely Dana Amma Day in Glastonbury. Though keeping offices in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Hollywood, at least for the near future much of my time will be spent here.

With my move, I have now launched Eggman Global UK – Ecology. Our debut management slate includes three visionary and amazing individuals: 1/ Heinz Pahl-Kaupp, the grandfather of German Eco-Architecture, 2/ Dana Amma Day, founder of, co-founder of, and President of The Club of Budapest – UK, and 3/ Gabriel Jay Cavazos, founder of Arcotu and Cavcon Industries.  All have a life of accomplishments resounding on a global, highly conscious scale.

Among many other honed skills, Heinz Pahl-Kaupp is known far and wide as a visionary architect who reimagines how buildings interact with the natural world, drawing on sacred geometry to inspire new dimensions in the possibility of buildings.  He has designed and inspired some of the most creative, self-sustaining structures in the world, where until recently moving to Brutin, England, he worked from Bali. The banner photo for this article is Heinz’ renowned Zepplin.  See this recent article appearing in Ecohustler: and his website,

Dana Amma Day is a formidable spiritual force directed to enhancing the positivity in all things and projects.  As co-founder of, she with her partner have amassed an archive of 600+ positive news stories from around the globe, interviewing everyone from the Dalai Lama, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, and Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard, to reporting on Satish Kumar’s Education with Hands, Hearts and Heads and Steve Killelea’s Global Peace Index.  Based on her enormous accomplishments, she was recently tapped by Ervin Laszlo and the leadership at The Club of Budapest, to helm The Club of Budapest – UK, whose first project was the resoundingly successful Midsummer Symposium of Consciousness (, where the world’s leading evolutionary thinkers gathered at the stately Tyringham Hall for several days of renaissance (

I had to move to England to sign U.S.-based multi-hyphenate bio-environmental futurist Gabriel Jay Cavazos.  Jay is a revolutionary designer, builder and thinker whose foresight on the world’s environmental evolution lead him to found Arcotu/Cavcon Industries, a company devoted to designing, building and land development with 100% eco-sustainability and zero adverse environmental impact.  See and  Jay’s remarkable history, before his profound awakening, included him in such monumental projects as the Fountaine Bleau Casino in Las Vegas.

This team of extraordinary professionals are available individually or collectively to contribute to any project in the world. Contact me at to arrange for discussions, proposals, speaking engagements, partnerships and/or consultations.   ~ The Eggman


The Floating Zeppelin Building – inspiring eco architecture at its best

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