Eggman Global Artists Signs “The Amazing Mecci” for Booking

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The Amazing Mecci

Celebrated Master Hypnotist, Asad Mecci

Hypnosis, Comedy, Meditation & More

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 Eggman Global Artists is pleased to announce that it is booking The Amazing Mecci for 2016.  The Amazing Mecci is perfect for venues and corporate events.  He’s offered live hypnosis shows, visualization, mental strength coaching and meditation for over 14 years.

Asad Mecci’s jaw-dropping performances have captivated audiences worldwide.  You may have seen Asad’s performances on Entertainment Tonight, MTV, HGTV, Maxim Online, Talk Television, Much Music, YTV, and ATN, or listened as he hypnotized people live on radio stations like CFRB 1010.

From a consulting perspective, Asad has collaborated with legendary figure skating coach Brian Orser to produce the visualization figure skating app that helped Yuzuru Hanyu win the gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics and first place at the 2014 International Skating Union World Championship.

As a mental strength coach, Asad teaches athletes to use visualization and mental imagery to enhance their abilities on and off the ice or field.  In 2000, he helped Roberto Verri, the host of Talk Television, lose 40 pounds in two months.  It was documented on Talk Television and aired live across Canada.

Asad has also been retained by major corporations to serve as an expert consultant in the areas of motivation, communication and stress management.

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Asad Mecci offers 4 primary packages for venues and corporate buyers:

1.       The Amazing Mecci Hypnosis Comedy Show.

2.      Visualization Collaboration for Artists, Athletes and Celebrities.

3.      Mental Strength Coaching for Executives, Artists, Athletes and Celebrities.

4.      Motivation, Communication and Stress Management for Corporations and Individuals.

Though Asad Mecci customizes all shows to some degree, he can create hypnosis shows and comedy around any concept or idea you can conceive (or want him to conceive). So the world is your oyster, unless you want him to put it asleep.

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