Steve Eggleston aka The Eggman

The Founder and CEO of Eggman Global is Steve Eggleston, aka The Eggman. Steve is a law school Valedictorian, award-winning law professor (Remedies), best-selling author (“Labor and Employment in California”/Lexis-Nexis), and former entertainment, employment, music, and trial attorney.  After an intense decade in the courtroom trenches, Steve moved from Sacramento to San Francisco in the ’90s, where he experienced and participated first-hand in the internet boom, served on the Board of Directors of Fillmspeed, the 3rd largest video streamer in the world, and launched his iiEntertainment franchise, embracing everything from music artist A&R to television & film.  From there, he moved to Hollywood, founding and/or leading a handful of entertainment companies, including Cinetrax, Filmtrax, and One Roof Entertainment, at which he was President of Film, Television & Music.  Using his global experience and connections, Steve now brings his diverse skills and worldwide connections to the helm of Eggman Global, where he specializes in artist management, multi-media, and music/business consultation.


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John Neyer, Jr.

John Neyer is the co-founder and COO of Eggman Global.  He grew up in the tri-state Southern town of Ashland, Kentucky, headquarters to such industrial titans as Ashland Oil and Armco Steel.  His father was a prominent physician who inspired excellence and competitiveness in the whole family.  John’s sister Ann is an educator, his sister Megan is the winningest NCAA springboard and platform diver of all time, his brother Tom is an engineer, and his brother Steve is a dentist.

John attended Virginia Commonwealth on a swimming scholarship before transferring to the University of Kentucky, where he emphasized Business and Environmental Science.  After college, and imbued with the Kentucky thoroughbred spirit, John moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, to pursue a career as a trainer and marketing agent for world-class Arabian horses.  The elite Arabian Horse business took John to many parts of the world, and through it, he honed a multitude of skills, from global marketing campaigns to high-quality photography.

In 1997, John moved to San Francisco to join lifelong best friend Steve Eggleston and co-founded the iiEntertainment franchise, which operated divisions in music, television and film.  Fascinated with all forms of new media, John attended classes at Stanford University in Palo Alto, where he and Steve co-created an acclaimed TV Bible called “Mr. Buddy’s Magic Garage.”  During this same time, John acted as Business Manager for Steve’s thriving legal practice and engaged in a variety of related tasks, from liability investigation of lead paint exposure to children, to field production manager of the law firm’s oil & gas clients.

In 2012, John embraced the  position and responsibility of COO of Eggman Global Artists, where he provides hands-on leadership and direction to all divisions of the company.


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