EGGMAN GLOBAL – MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS & FASHION is a full-service management and multi-media company that specializes in entertainment, sports, fashion, and cutting-edge companies and concepts.  Led by attorney, author & media maven Steve Eggleston, aka The Eggman, EGGMAN GLOBAL provides its clients an affiliated team of senior-level executives, producers, promoters & bookers with 100+ years of combined experience in corporate brand strategies & activation, media/public relations & corporate social responsibility, sales & sponsorships, and talent/artist representation & management.

EGGMAN GLOBAL embraces the philosophy of convergence – not just in media, but in all aspects of business enterprise.  In the days of yesteryear, you might find a dozen companies doing what EGGMAN GLOBAL does, each with its own burdensome overhead, protocol and demands.  EGGMAN GLOBAL converges these multiple companies into one, providing in-house unparalleled depth of service across a broad spectrum of artistic and business endeavor:

– Branding, Logos, Images, Professional Photography

– Websites, Blogs, Newsletters, Social Media Campaigns

– Marketing & Advertising Across All Media

– Sales, Affiliations, Synergies, Partnerships

– Business Affairs, Intellectual Property, Corporate

– Publicity, PR, Social Responsibility

– Events, Booking, Promotion, Parties, Conceirge

– Artist Development, Management

– Music Publishing and Administration

– Start-up Strategies, Financing, Executive Services

– Recording, Producing, Indie Music Services A-Z

– Film Finance, Production, Publicity, Screenwriting

– Multi-Media, Cross-Platform, Tech Integration

– Ghostwriting, Novels, Short Stories, Newsletters

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General Email:

Office Land: +1 (702) 998-7364